Refunds Policy

Domain Names

Refunds are not available for domain registration fees, transfer fees, or any other administration charges associated with domain names.

Please ensure you enter the domain details exactly as you require them to be registered. You can renew domain names up to 60 days before the date of expiry.

Web Hosting

Hosting charges are paid in advanced. If you wish to cancel your hosting account this can be done at any by contacting customer support, however no refunds will be given for the remaining period. Your account will remain active until the end of this period unless you specifically request that we cancel your account early.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

No refunds are provided for VPS or Dedicated servers under any circumstances.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are payable by the hour or on a fixed service price and payment requested by invoice. Refunds are not normally given on consultancy services as payment of invoice indicates acceptance of work provided.